Sunday, November 26, 2017

Shuk - Friday

Good day at the shuk - Friday 15:30 ish
2 nis per kg courgettes, beets
3 nis per kg carrots, potatoes.
4 nis per kg apples, bananas, kiwis, pears
boxes 2 for 15 nis - persimmons, cherry tomatoes (all colours)
Kale 4 bunches for 20 nis
Celery 3 bunches for 10 nis
All to feed a beast of a juicer

Friday, November 24, 2017

Gluten free Bread

Noreen's Recipe (Recipe No. 1)

Noreen's Recipe

Flour mix:

3 cups of Sorghum flour

3 cups White Rice flour
3 cups Topica flour
3 cups glutinous rice flour (original recipe with sweet rice)
3 Tbps of Xanthan gum

Bread Recipe
1  1/4 cup warm milk/ soy milk
1/4  ( 4 Tbps)  cup sugar
2  1/4 yeast - (best use very fresh vacuum or fresh yeast - test still active)
1/4 (50 gr)  melted butter
2  Eggs
1 tsp Vinegar
2  1/2 cup of GF flour
1  1/2 Xanthan Gum
1/2 cup Flax

Pre-heat oven 250c

Add freshly ground Flax, Xanthan gum to Flour mix.
Microwave milk with butter until melted.  Stir.
Add Sugar and dissolve.
Add Yeast.  Stir well.  Watch carefully for it to ferment.  It could foam very fast.
Once proof the yeast is working quickly -
Add to Flour mix.
Mix slightly.
Add Eggs, mix.
Add Vinegar,
Knead for a good 8 mins.
Sprinkle walnuts or whatever additions: ie. dried Tomatoes, Olives etc.
Incorporate into the dough.

Oven should be preheated to 250c.
Place in bread
Turn down to 220c - continue baking.  Check after 15 mins the top is not too brown.
If browning too much cover with aluminum foil to protect and continue baking

Optional: Place tray with water underneath.

Noreen's 1st time

Dust with flour once bread is cooled
Cut only when cold.

Bread No.1 ( Noreen's Recipe)
It rose really nicely

Baked too.
But as it cooled it flattened a bit.

Crumb is spongy and nice. A tad wet for me, hubby loved it.
Finally bread!!
The flax was pretty, it gave a nice

Bread no.2
This recipe used psyllium no xanthum gum

Dough felt good and firm, much like a regular gluten bread which made me think maybe this is correct?

Didn't rise at all.
But baked anyways, one last try before trashing it.

Ugh.  Happens.
This recipe used psyllium.
will update failed recipe later

Recipe No. 3

Bread Flour Mix
Millet flour  – 2 cups
Sorghum flour –  1 cup
Corn starch – 1 cup
Potato starch (not potato flour) – 1 cup
Tapioca starch (als0 called tapioca flour) –  1 cup
Total = 6 cup

1 cup plus 3 tablespoons skim or 1 or 2% milk (or milk substitute) (110ยบ F)
1/4 cup Canola oil
large eggs (room temperature
2 2/3 cups Bread Flour Mix
1/2 cup Flax seeds
3 tablespoons sugar
2 1/4 teaspoons xanthan gum
1 1/2 teaspoons unflavored gelatin
3/4 teaspoon salt
Cube of FRESH yeast 25gr or 50gr?
3/4 cup chopped walnuts - (optional) I recommend love walnuts lots of Omega 3

Basically, add all dry ingredients
Warm milk with sugar in microwave
Add FRESH yeast and ferment.
Whisk eggs
Add wet ingredients to dry and mix, knead for full 10 mins.
Add walnuts at the end.

TIP: To speed up the rising I rest the bread tin in a tray of boiling water.
This really hastens the rising time.

The crumb is actually very nice and "bready"  Slightly moist on the bottom as in the pic.  but I didn't notice it when eating and certainly didn't affect the taste.

Made Noreen's (No.1)  2nd time around with walnuts

TIP: To speed up the rising I rest the bread tin in a tray of boiling water.
This really hastens the rising time.

Between recipe 1 and 3 little difference. Both very good bread
Left no.1 (Noreen's)     Right no. 3
The left is much browner because I'd added one cup of grounded flax seeds.

To speed up the rising I rest the bread tin in a tray of boiling water.
This really hastens the rising time.

Noreen's (Recipe No.1)

My Gluten mix (Recipe No.3)

The dough should be wetter and softer than regular dough bread.  So don't be afraid adding all that liquid.
You cannot knead GF bread in the traditonal sense.  It's too sticky.  I use an electric hand mixer with the bread hooks for about 10 mins.

Most times I put a tray of water on the bottom shelf of the oven, supposed to give a crunchier crust.

GF bread I'm told should only be cut into when cold. Never when still hot.

Don't find much difference between 1 and 3.  They are both very tasty and bread-like

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Birthday Dinner Party 2017

 Burghal, or Quinoa
Chives (for spokes/shards)
Black sesame, White sesame
Salt and Lots of Limes!
Red Onions
Red Peppers (op)
Parsley, Coriander, Dill - Chopped finely LOTS
Image was served with crispy fish skin

Lentil and ginger soup

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Burgers - Almost meat-free

Greens: Parsley - Corriander
250g ground meal
garlic -optionalsalt and pepper

Recipe 2
garlic -optional
salt and pepper


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Bento Momo

This is one of those bolts of revelation in my life where the design is so awesome, so RIGHT, so sensible and it works!  How did I not have this before now??!!  Just glad I have it now and to let anyone out there know   It's worth getting!!

Love, love. love this, stacks up slim and small fits into any nursery bag.  Best thing, the food doesn't get messed up, unlike the large, flat, compartmental containers which has to be placed vertically into the bag and all the food pours to one side.
Here food is stacked and stays in place, perfect!!!
Plus the little forkies keeps small grubby fingers from contaminating the food.

Love, love, love.  So does kiddo.

Just to show the width comparison -  next to my mobile phone.
Super slim can fit vertically in any child's bag!
Food stays in place and any spillage avoided. Perfect!

Bought here

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Capers pickling

This bush is the most vicious ever, I've encountered.  The thorns are hook-like and vengeful claws dig deep and too easily!  Approach with deepest caution..or desperation for heavenly caper harvesting

In abundance!  Little wonder the thorns here is one of Natures on-Prozac nastiest deterrent...almost 

Soaking in water for a about a week,  Then to transfer to the recipes says..

 Changed water every day for about a week.  There was a odor each time the lid was opened, but this was fine and as should be.  So don't worry.  Capers gradually changed  colour from vibrant green to a khaki colour and the water is slightly scarlet.

 Ready for tasting.

Delicious, stalks and all.  Even the ones that opened slightly to a flower, My favourites were the tiny ones,   Worth all the pain against those vicious hooks on the caper bush.

Sabich - Home grown oops... made

Oh yea!
Tasted as good as it looks!

Felafel and Sabich

Crispy light and delicious
I cut the aubergines/eggplant to thick 1.5 cm thick for a good "steak'
My son likes them super thin as served on the streets in Tel Aviv.
BTW, I don't always bother or have time or mood to salt the aubergines.
If you can, sprinkle lightly salt, no need to wash off.
Dip in flour
Then dip in thick batter (water, flour, salt - whizz in blender to thick cream consistency)
Fry in very hot pre-heated oil

Don't think twice.  Cooked the whole batch.
Below the secret is revealed on how to re-heat to crispy fresh perfection!

Squish in freshly made salad, chili flakes and we're done!

Home made humus, fried onions and mushrooms to top,
Paprika and coriander for garnish

Crazy good

When in the mood for Sabich, felafel is a good companion

Secret is out!:
best way of re-heating sabich is in the toaster!! along with the pitta.
The sabich comes out hot and toasty crisp. Perfect!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Aubergine - Eggplant

Classic aubergine - wrapped in foil on the stove for a ridiculously long time.  Scoop when soft and ready, add tehina.  Delicious!

Celery bulb Root Salad

From the "Middle Eastern Vegetarian Cook book" Salma..

Celery Bulb root, peeled and washed.- julienne sticks
Kohlrabi - peeled and washed - sliced thinly
Chopped corriander

Dressing 1: (original from the book)
yoghurt, lemon juice, salt, mustard,- mix, dress and rest.

Dressing 2: (my preference)
Vinegar, sugar, salt, - mix, dress and rest.

This salad actually tastes better when it  can rest in the dressing for a while.  Will not go soggy but absorbs and develops quite a "bite".  Like pickles.

Sumac or nigella seeds or black sesame for garnish.
Very crunchy salad.

Surprisingly very nice!  The celery bulb was a new one for me.  Also doing something with Kohlrabi that was interesting was a plus too.
I later added carrots for colour and taste, Worked great!!
I'm guessing that any of your favourite "root" veggie would work wonders here.
Left on the table, the whole family just pecked at it randomly.

Ginger snaps and cream

So good, so easy,
Quality ginger snaps, (i'm guessing they can loose their snap)
Whip cream (no need to add sugar)
spread on biscuit top with another biscuit, repeat.  The foil helps to keep the "caterpillar" in shape.
Close the foil to close and refrigerate over night.

The ginger snaps will no longer be crunchy but surrender to a nice soft scoop together with the cream.  Delicious!
Optional, pour wild beries or your favourite fruit salad sauce with or on.!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Spice Rack - Aliexpress first

 X marks the spot
Cool they thought of holes and pour slots but no mark to show where or how much to turn?
so X marks the spot
Also, the size was smaller than expected and so the "window" tad tiny and not always clear what's inside, so small sticky label will hopefully solve the problem of having "interesting" spiced dishes.

oohh they stick here too!
mmm. ..Now where to put these little buggers?

 Or here?
Very handy,  Now time and using will tell!

$14.00 for 6 and $20.00 for 9

Loving these spice containers, the more I cook and use these lovelies the more I genuinely appreciate their design.
My stove area is so much cleaner and less cluttered because these are on the fridge wall!!
The X mark the spot works wonderfully showing me where and how much to twist the opening to pour or sprinkle. Super convenient.

2 months later and still loving these, best whole family loves them too.

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